Hide a beer can soda covers

Can covers to hide beer?

aluminum can. Just slide the cover over your beer and your are good to go. Most soda cans are the exact same size as most beer cans so they fit like a glove Be discreet while drinking your favorite canned beverage. The Beer Can Cover, hide your beer cans from prying eyes.

Can koozies that look like soda cans?

The Beersy is a full length silicone sleeve designed to fully cover an entire aluminum can . Be discreet while drinking your favorite canned beverage at the annoying kids birthday party. The Beersy fits nearly all standard 12 fl oz beverage cans except COORS LIGHT & other skinny can brands.

How do you hide beer in public?

18 Sneaky Ways To Drink Booze In Public Hide your beer can inside a soda can. Rock a Beerbelly. Or, for the ladies, the super-stylin’ WineRack. Fun fact: You can fit an entire bottle of wine in a Starbucks “Trenta” cup! Dunkin’ Donuts cups are also an excellent choice for morning/day drinking.

Can lids for soda?

Soda Can Savers are reusable caps especially designed to fit onto 12 or 16 oz. aluminum cans. To reuse just wash and simply snap onto another can . Soda Can Savers are great at keeping your carbonated drinks from going flat as quickly.

Can caps locking top?

The Can Cap fits most standard soda cans. Locking flip- top lid helps prevent spills. It is dishwasher safe. This is a set of 2, assorted colors, and they are BPA-Free.

How do you cut the bottom of a tin can?

Open up the can with a can opener and remove all the material inside. Wash out the tin can . Soak the can in warm water and the label can be removed much easier. Use the can opener on the bottom of the can . Cut down the side of the can with tin snips. Sand down the edges of the can with sandpaper.

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Can coolers personalized?

Totally promotional is proud to offer official Koozie ® products, custom -printed to order, along with a wide variety of can coolers . Huggies, can coolers , beer cozies and coldy-holdies — whatever you like to call these handy can insulators — make great gifts and giveaways with your logo or event details.

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