Soda vending machine troubleshooting

Why is my vending machine not working?

If your vending machine refuses to take bills, then it could be due to 2 reasons. Either, sufficient change is not available in the machine or dollar validators are dysfunctional. You might need to replace loose dollar validators. Check it two three times to ensure that it is working fine now.

How do you troubleshoot a soda machine?

Is no syrup coming out? Check syrup box and replace if empty. Check syrup box connection (QCD). Make sure gas (CO2) is full and open. Check pressure. Run out pitchers of seltzer. Make sure soda machine is on. Check plug, outlet and circuit breaker. Fill ice bin, tap down ice and close ice bin door.

How do you prime a vending machine?

Priming is defined as testing that selection out until a beverage is ready to be vended. You can do this manually by taking the vending motor cover off and pressing each motor switch, this will ignite the vend process.

What happens if you unplug a vending machine?

Unplugging a vending machine will certainly stop it consuming energy, but you need to remember to turn it on again and consider the large amounts of energy needed to refrigerate from room temperature every time.

How do I reset my carbonator?

Unplug all beverage dispenser electrical cords from the outlet, ensure that if the carbonator has a power switch it is in the on position, then wait 15-20 seconds and plug the cords back in. Allow the carbonator motor to run until it stops. Dispense a carbonated drink for 45-60 seconds.

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How do you turn off a soda machine?

Locate incoming water shutoff valve. Turn valve 90 degrees. Turn off fountain with key and/or switch. Unplug any equipment serviced from this water line including boosters, carbonators, and ice machines .

How do I reset my Coca Cola Freestyle machine?

Steps to Fix this issue Reboot Coca – Cola Freestyle to resolve. Open the doors. Turn off green main power supply. Wait 30 seconds. Turn the main power supply back on. Wait for reboot to complete (this takes approximately 4-1/2 minutes). After the reboot completes, test multiple flavors to verify system operation.

What is the code to hack a vending machine?

Enter code : 432112311 3.

Can you get money back from a vending machine?

Sometimes local vending machine companies will service Coke and Pepsi machines in addition to snack machines . It’ll often be either above the coin and dollar bill mechanisms, or on the side of the machine . Give them a call and let them know you ‘ve lost money and they will make sure you get it back .

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