Readers ask: How Much Lemonade To Add To Southern Comfort Sour?

Can you mix Southern Comfort with lemonade?

Cut the lime into 4 wedges. Squeeze the juice from 2 of the lime wedges into the glass. Add the southern comfort and top with lemonade. Garnish with another wedge of lime.

What is the best thing to mix with Southern Comfort?

The most common version blends Southern Comfort with amaretto, sloe gin and orange juice.

Can I use lemonade instead of sour mix?

To mimic sour mix’s sweet and tart flavors, it’s best to go to the source with either lemon or lime juice. Juice-based products, like lemonade, limeade and margarita mix, will also work well as substitutes — if the finished drinks are too sweet, add another splash of fresh lemon or lime juice.

What is Southern Comfort and lemonade called?

Southern Comfort RTD is a refreshing blend of Southern Comfort Original, complemented with lemon and lime. A classic serve for a reason.

What does Southern Comfort and lemonade taste like?

It tastes like candy! First cocktail I ever had, my big brother made it for me, Southern Comfort and lemonade, English lemonade that is, much like 7-up or sprite. So sweet, I loved it. Dangerous though as it goes down like soda.;)

What is Southern Comfort and Coke?

SoCo Cola Recipe The SoCo Cola is a brown colored drink made from Southern Comfort and Coke or Pepsi, and served over ice in a highball glass.

What type of alcohol is Southern Comfort?

Southern Comfort (often abbreviated SoCo ) is an American fruit-flavored liqueur with fruit and spice accents. The brand was originally created by bartender Martin Wilkes Heron in New Orleans in 1874, and originally used whiskey as the base spirit.

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What is the flavor of Southern Comfort?

Most drinkers describe Southern Comfort as tasting “apricoty,” but it probably also includes oranges, cherries, vanilla, cinnamon and other spices that would have been available to Heron in New Orleans at the time.

Is Jack Daniels like Southern Comfort?

Though it invariably appears on liquor store shelves next to Jim Beam and Jack Daniels, Southern Comfort isn’t actually a whiskey. Today, as a result of these infusions, Southern Comfort is technically classed as a liqueur.

What can be used in place of sour mix?

What is a good substitute for sweet and sour mix?

  • Juices – lemonade, limeade, margarita mix, orange juice + pineapple juice with no simple syrup.
  • Sodas – lemon-lime soda + ginger ale and a splash of lemon or lime juice.

What is a good sour mix?

Here are the best sweet and sour mixes.

  • Best Overall: Collins Sweet & Sour Cocktail Mix.
  • Best Budget: Mr & Mrs T Sweet & Sour Mix.
  • Best for Margaritas: LAVA Sweet and Sour Mix.
  • Best for Long Island Iced Teas: Owl’s Brew Citrus and Sweet Tea Mixer.
  • Best Single Serving: Zing Zang All Natural Sweet and Sour Mix.

How do you make lemonade less sour?

Adding just a small amount of salt—a true pinch, if you’re tossing it into a pitcher, and even less if making a single glass—reduces the acidity of the lemonade while also making the entire beverage more “vibrant.” This tiny twist on the traditional recipe will balance out the tastes within your glass or pitcher,

How do you serve Southern Comfort?

  1. Add sugar and bitters in rocks glass.
  2. Add splash of club soda and muddle.
  3. Fill glass with ice and pour Southern Comfort.
  4. Garnish with orange wedge and cherry.
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Does Southern Comfort go bad?

Distilled spirits don’t go bad; they fade. Don’t worry about finishing all that alcohol before it goes bad. Heat and sunlight can cause the sugar in the alcohol to crystallize, changing its taste.

Is Southern Comfort good?

Southern Comfort is a liquor that is sweet and very much like our Canadian pop juice, sprite. It is very strong and can be used to get you drunk very quickly, maybe too quick to drink another bottle. It is sweet and slightly fruity and gives you a nice wink from it. It is a very nice drink.

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