Soda consumption statistics 2017

How much soda is consumed per day?

A new Gallup poll finds that 48 percent of U.S. adults say they drink at least one glass of soda a day . The poll is the first from Gallup to measure daily soda consumption . Among those who drink soda , the average amount consumed is 2.6 glasses a day , the poll found.

How much soda does the average American drink per year 2017?

And–we’re addicted. What’s incredible is that the average American is drinking about 45 gallons of pop every year . In total that is 375 pounds of pop that pass through your system in 365 days.

How much soda is consumed in the US?

U.S. per capita consumption of soft drinks 2010-2018. Soft drink consumption in the United States dipped again for the 13th straight year in 2018 to 38.87 gallons per person. Since the peak of 53 gallons in 2000, per capita consumption has declined by 25 percent.

Who consumes the most soda?


How much soda can I drink?

Limit yourself to no more than one or two cans (a maximum of 24 ounces) of soda a day, and make sure they don’t replace more nutritious foods and beverages in your diet. As long as soft drinks are not your main source of fluids and you’re otherwise following a well-balanced, healthy diet, a daily fix of fizz is OK.

How many cans of soda are consumed each year?

We drink a lot of soda The world’s beer and soda consumption uses about 180 billion aluminium cans every year . This is 6,700 cans every second – enough to go around the planet every 17 hours.

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What is the number 1 drink in America?

In 2018, bottled water accounted for roughly 25 percent of beverage consumption in the United States, making it the most consumed type of beverage that year.

What is the most consumed drink in America?

Water is the most popular drink in the USA .

Is fruit juice healthier than soda?

A. It’s great that you’re trying to cut back on soda , but fruit juice isn’t the best substitute. “While the vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants in fruit juice give it a nutritional edge over soda , it can have the same—or more—sugars and calories,” says Maxine Siegel, R.D., who heads CR’s food-testing lab.

Who drinks the most sugary drinks?

Chileans are now the biggest consumers of sugary drinks , with an average of 190 calories sold per person per day. China, Thailand and Brazil have also seen a rise in sales.

Which state consumes the most soda?


How many gallons of soda are produced every year?

Coca-Cola uses 79 billion gallons of water each year to produce Coke . Added to this water is a secret recipe of sugar (or high-fructose corn syrup), caffeine, coca leaf extract and flavourings. An estimated eight thousand billion gallons of water is used to make Coke bottles and cans each year .

Where is the most Coca Cola sold?


Which country drinks the most?

France consumed the most alcohol than any other top country by GDP and also has an above-average life expectancy. When we explored the data, France also drank significantly more wine than any other country, supporting its spot as one of the biggest wine regions in the world.

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What age group drinks the most soda?

The people who are most likely to consume sugary drinks are younger adults, men, black people, and people with lower levels of education. Approximately 43 percent of US young adults, ages 18 to 24, drink at least one beverage with added sugar daily, according to a 2013 survey.

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